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This genuine work at home program is real, legitimate, and 100% scam-free. An honest description of this home-based program is provided below. Please read the brief summary in its entirety, then click on the Get Your Free Report button below.

Summary of Program

A U.S. company in business for over a decade specializes in buying and selling closeout merchandise. The merchandise bought are brand new and housed in their large warehouse facility. Given the huge multi-billion market and the large customer base, the Company has been expanding their operations by buying and selling greater volumes of liquidated merchandise. With the increase in business, they are currently seeking agents throughout the United States to keep up with the demand.

What the agent would do is simply pass out or mail the circulars imprinted with his or her own assigned ID# to local stores. No selling is involved. The customers would log in to the Company's website and place their orders with the required agent's ID#. Should the customers have any questions, they would contact the Company directly.

The Company splits the profits evenly 50/50 and the monthly commission checks are automatically mailed to the agent. Given the special closeout pricing, many businesses order thousands of dollars of discounted merchandise to sell at a good profit to their customers. 

To Get Started

A free report explains this program in greater detail and includes the contact phone number. To receive this free report, click on the Get Your FREE Report button below. Print, clip and mail, and the free report will be rushed to you. The Company fills agent positions for each local area on a first-come-first-served basis. To reserve your position, please send in the form, then call the phone number in the Free Report.